A farm providing therapy services, recreational equine sessions, and outreach opportunities to our community as inspired by our Christian faith.

Who We Are:

De la Cruz Farms was founded by Jeff and Bencita Brooks in 2014 with the desire to provide needed services to our community in a farm environment.  Our programs have been structured to serve individuals and groups who live challenging life situations or who have a variety of unique abilities such as cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, developmental delay, brain injuries, established medical conditions, trauma, emotional difficulties and mental health needs. These services focus on learning, growth and restoration as inspired by our Christian faith.

How We Serve:


We offer speech-language therapy services and other specialized therapies utilizing equine movements to help participants achieve functional outcomes.


These sessions are recreational in nature. Whether on the ground or on the horse, participants are assisted by an experienced horse leader, side walkers, or farm staff who are trained to teach basic horsemanship, riding skills, and how to engage in animal interactions in a safe, social environment.


We offer opportunities to individuals and families who are experiencing traumatic life events and challenging situations to use the farm atmosphere for enjoyment and renewal.  We collaborate with local organizations such as Watauga Opportunities by
providing volunteer work for adolescents at the farm. We partner with the Department of Social Services, service groups, churches, schools, parent groups, and day care centers. We facilitate a variety of Love and Logic classes, participate with the Joy Prom (special dance for teens and adults with special needs), offer summer camps, teach classes about the importance of honeybees and how honey is harvested and provide other services with the purpose of providing a safe space for the community to gather together, build one another up and receive helpful resources.

2023 Impact:

Volunteer Hours: 350 Hours by 30 Volunteers

Total Families Served: 155

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