Bob/Autumn and Isaiah Cline – PARENT/PARTICIPANT

Even though our Isaiah is still a little one of few words (though this is changing with Bencita’s help), he emphatically signs and says, “Yes!” when asked if he is ready to go to the farm.  He enjoys visiting with Jubilee, watching the chickens, playing by the creek, and, of course, riding in the “Bota” (Kubota).  It has been amazing to watch Isaiah’s progress during hippotherapy.  We have seen a notable difference in his confidence, communication skills, and motor skills since he began riding Lakota.  Bella and the trained volunteers who help during the sessions are so kind, caring, and positive with Isaiah.  Although he has not yet played on the playground, the open invitation to do so is a gift and one that we hope to explore soon.

A few days following an illness and seizure, Isaiah had a hippotherapy session at the farm.  He appeared to have had a setback with skills the days prior to and during the session.  However, after hippotherapy, that night, it was as if his whole little body and brain “woke up.”  Isaiah was back to himself!  Yes, to God be the glory!  And, many thanks to Jeff and Bencita for their ministries at the farm.  This hard-working and sanctuary place they have created invites us all with open arms and the love of God.  de la CRUZ Farms has been, and will continue to be, a blessing to our entire family, especially Isaiah.