How to Partner with De La Cruz Farms in the Next 3 Months

Partnering with De La Cruz Farms is a rewarding way to support local equine sessions and be a part of a compassionate community dedicated to making a positive impact. 

Based in Deep Gap, North Carolina, our farm offers equine services, recreational equine sessions, and outreach opportunities inspired by our Christian faith.

Here’s how you can get involved over the next three months.

Visit to learn more about our services. Your support can help us continue to provide essential session services and community outreach in Deep Gap, North Carolina.

Understanding Our Mission and Values

At De La Cruz Farms, our mission is to provide supportive services, recreational equine sessions, and outreach opportunities, all inspired by our Christian faith. 

Our vision is to magnify the person of Jesus and live gospel-centered lives. Our core values include a commitment to Christ, compassion for others, community involvement, and humility.

Our Mission Statement

“De La Cruz Farms exists to provide supportive services, recreational equine sessions, and outreach opportunities to our community as inspired by our Christian faith.”

Core Values

  • Commitment to Christ: Love for Jesus spurs us to share the gospel and trust Him in everything.
  • Compassion for Others: Help others to know the grace and hope found only in Jesus Christ.
  • Community Involvement: Partner with the community as we lead Christ-centered lives.
  • Humility: Put God and others first as we serve with integrity.

Ways to Partner with De La Cruz Farms

1. Support Local Equine Sessions

Supporting our equine sessions is a direct way to make a significant impact. We offer specialized services utilizing equine movements to help participants achieve functional outcomes. 

Your partnership can help us provide these vital services to individuals and families who are experiencing traumatic life events and challenging situations.

  • Volunteer: Dedicate your time and skills to assist with sessions.
  • Donate: Financial contributions help sustain our programs and ensure we can reach more people in need.

2. Participate in Recreational Equine Sessions

Our recreational equine sessions are designed to provide joy and support benefits through interactions with horses. 

These sessions are recreational in nature and are guided by experienced horse leaders and trained farm staff.

  • Join a Session: Volunteer to serve in our equine sessions with your family and friends.
  • Spread the Word: Encourage others to join and benefit from our sessions.

3. Engage with Our Community Outreach

Community involvement is a cornerstone of De La Cruz Farms. We aim to foster a supportive and loving community environment. 

There are several ways you can engage with us:

  • Attend Events: Join us for community events and activities at the farm.
  • Partner with Us: Collaborate on outreach projects that benefit the local community.
  • Support Our Mission: Advocate for our farm and the work we do through your networks.

Benefits of Partnering with De La Cruz Farms

Partnering with De La Cruz Farms not only helps us serve our community but also offers personal rewards. 

Here are some benefits:

  • Fulfillment: Experience the joy of making a positive impact on others’ lives.
  • Community: Build connections with like-minded individuals who share your values.
  • Growth: Learn new skills and grow spiritually by engaging in service-oriented activities.

Get Started Today

How to Take the First Step

  1. Contact Us: Reach out to us through our website or visit De La Cruz Farms in Deep Gap, NC.
  2. Volunteer: Sign up for volunteer opportunities and get involved in our services and community events.
  3. Donate: Make a financial contribution to support our mission and programs.