We learned about de la cruz when our daughter was almost 4. She is a sweet and tender hearted child but was also shy and lacked confidence. We met Bethany at the annual picnic in July and we were so excited to learn that we could bring our little girl back to ride the horse. From the first day, Bethany developed a relationship with her that continues today. She is still the sweetest little girl but has grown in confidence so much. Now, our second daughter looks forward to coming for her turn. The girls may just ride around an arena on top of a horse but they leave feeling like they’ve been on top of the world. The farm chores have helped establish responsibility and the Bible time has aided in their foundation of knowledge of God’s word. De la cruz has been so dedicated to giving our family a special time of encouragement and refreshment. And as a parent, it is nothing more thrilling to see your child thrive, being filled with so much joy and to be learning about Christ. It’s amazing what God’s creation is able to do for us all. We are so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this tremendous ministry and we can’t wait to see how God uses these times in our lives in the future.